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What is and how does it work? is an online shopping portal that allows AIR MILES Collectors to get Miles when shopping at hundreds of popular online stores. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign in to with the Collector Number on your AIR MILES Card. Not a Collector? Click here to enrol.

  2. Browse through hundreds of participating online stores and special offers on Click “Shop Now” to be directed to the online store’s website when you are ready to shop.

  3. Complete your purchase on the online store’s website to get 1 Mile for every $20 you spend excluding shipping, handling, duties and taxes. Base Offer may vary – Click on “Store Info” on online store logo to see individual store pages on for details.

For more information, visit our How It Works page.

How many Miles can I get on my purchases?

You can get 1 Mile for every $20 spent before exclusions at the majority of participating online stores. Miles are calculated on your purchase subtotal before shipping, handling, duties and taxes. Base Offer may vary – Click on “Store Info” on online store logo to see individual store pages on for details.

In addition to the everyday Base Offer, there are also many Bonus Offers that may be running at any given time that are each presented by individual online stores. Look for the purple badges on offers and store tiles throughout the site to see which online stores are offering opportunities to get additional Miles.

From time to time we also have sitewide multiplier events, which apply to purchases made at all of our hundreds of online stores and can be stacked with individual online store offers, giving you opportunities to get even more Miles quickly!

See individual promotion terms and conditions to learn more, where applicable.

When will my Miles appear in my account?

Base Miles may take up to 60 days from the date of qualifying purchase to be posted to your Collector account. Bonus Miles may take up to 75 days from the date of qualifying purchase to be posted to your Collector account. Please note, if you booked travel through an online store, your Miles will be issued up to 60 days from when your trip was completed for Base Miles, and up to 75 days after trip completion for Bonus Miles.

Miles will show in your Collector account from and the online store where you shopped, and Miles from a single transaction may appear in multiple line items if you took advantage of any Bonus Offers and/or sitewide multiplier events.

To check your Collector account balances and see your transaction history, visit

For missing Miles inquiries, visit

Will I receive Miles on my purchase if I forget to sign in, or if I go directly to the online store’s website without visiting first?

No, each time you want to get Miles when shopping at one of our participating online stores, you must visit first and sign in with your Collector Number before clicking over to the online store website.

What happens to my Miles if I return my purchase?

If you return an item after you have already been credited the Miles for the purchase, the corresponding number of Miles will be debited from your Collector account when the return is processed by the online store.

How do I find out about an individual online store’s shipping policy, currency, duties, or exceptions?

When you see a store logo on that you are interested in, click on “Store Info” to be directed to that online store’s page on where you can see more information about the online store.

Each store page also includes helpful information about the online store’s Base Offer and any Bonus Offers that may be offered. Some online stores also have an “Important Information” section on their page which outlines any exceptions or instructions to be aware of prior to shopping.

The best way to see fully up to date and detailed information on shipping and returns policies, duties (if applicable) and currency is to refer to the individual online store website before you place your order.

Why can’t I find a retailer I shopped at before?

During these unprecedented and challenging times, retailer status on is constantly changing, as determined by each retailer. We will keep you updated on changes as they occur.

A retailer’s decision to participate in the AIR MILES Reward Program and can change at any time. For the latest information on our retailers, please see our Store Updates page.

To discover our selection of 200+ retailers, including new and exciting places to shop and get Miles, visit our Store Directory:

A retailer I recently shopped with isn’t on anymore. Do I still get the Miles?

Rest assured, if you were able to make a purchase with a retailer you shopped with through, you will get your Miles.

For the latest information on our retailers, including the date a retailer stopped offering Miles through, please see our Store Updates page.

How do I know when a retailer will be offering Miles again through

We’re working to bring retailers back as soon as we can and keep you up to date, too! To find the latest retailers on, please see our Store Updates page.® Assistant
What is the Assistant?

The Assistant is a Google Chrome extension that makes it even more convenient to get AIR MILES Reward Miles at some of your favourite online stores.

How do I download the® Assistant?

Click here to visit the Google Chrome Web Store and add the Assistant to your toolbar.

Is it available for all browsers?

No, the® Assistant is exclusive to Google Chrome.

How will I know if I’m getting Miles?

When the AIR MILES icon in your toolbar is blue, that means you’re signed in and ready to get Miles!

Is the offer from the® Assistant the same as from

Yes, all offers are the same. However, some stores are unavailable through the Assistant. Please visit to view all participating online stores and offers.

Why don’t I get an offer at some stores?

If you’re not receiving an offer, that means the store you’re visiting is not available through the Assistant. Please visit to view all participating online stores and offers.

How do I remove the® Assistant?

You can remove the® Assistant by right-clicking the AIR MILES icon in your toolbar and selecting “Remove from Chrome…”.

How do I change users?

To change users, simply sign out of your Collector Account and sign in to another.

My Assistant was activated. Why didn’t I get Miles?

To ensure you get Miles with your purchases, please turn off any other online shopping extensions you have on. This will make your Assistant the primary extension.

Site Functionality & Troubleshooting
How do I sign in?

You can sign in at any time while you are browsing on Click on the blue “Sign In” button in the top right menu of the website and enter your Collector Number. You can still browse on prior to signing in, but you must be signed-in to see any of your selected favourite stores or saved offers on the home page or in the “My Zone” section.

If you are not already signed in when you click on “Shop Now” to be taken to an online store’s website, you will be prompted to sign in at that point. Remember, you must sign in with your Collector Number on before navigating to the online store’s website in order to get Miles on your qualifying purchases.

How do I select favourite stores and save offers?

We’ve added new features to help make your online shopping experience even better!

Favourite Stores: Simply select the star icon on store tiles to save your favourite stores. They’ll appear on your home page, in My Zone, and can be added or removed at any time.

Saved Offers: Select the check mark icon on offers to save them for later. They will appear in My Zone for future reference until they expire.

To select favourite stores and save offers, you must be signed in. If you click on the star or check icon, you will be prompted to sign in if you haven’t already done so.

How are cookies used and how do I enable them? uses "session cookies". Session cookies reside in memory and hold only the information that is uniquely generated when you log on to the site. Session cookies persist only as long as your browser is open. This cookie allows users to have their Miles properly added to their Collector account when purchasing at an online store after clicking through from Upon your departure from the website and closure of your web browser, the information in the session cookie is removed from memory.

Cookies must be enabled to fully access features and enable proper crediting of Miles on your qualifying online purchases. Refer to your browser settings to ensure cookies are enabled.

Online stores may have their own cookies which does not control – please refer to the privacy policies of the individual online stores to learn about their use of cookies.

Security & Privacy
Is shopping through secure?

Your privacy and security is of the utmost importance. is enabled with HTTPS and all of our participating online stores have a secure checkout process using industry standard encryption.

When you make purchases at the participating online stores, you are giving the stores your personal and credit card information directly for the purposes of the transaction, and this information is never passed to Check the online stores’ websites to see their individual privacy and security policies.

Is my information private?

Yes – we are committed to protecting your privacy. Please refer to our privacy policy here for full details. Privacy policies for each participating online store can be found on their respective websites.

About Us
Who owns is part of the AIR MILES Reward Program, which is owned and operated by LoyaltyOne, Co.

How do I become an AIR MILES Collector?

Becoming a Collector is easy and rewarding! Visit to learn more about the AIR MILES Reward Program or click here to enrol.