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Le Château
Le Château
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Le Château


Timeless Design. Quality Construction. Thoughtful Curation. Effortlessly Chic.

LE CHÂTEAU has been a Canadian cultural touchstone for more than 60 years. Drawing from a rich history of on-trend looks, LE CHÂTEAU has maintained its place as the go-to destination for women’s and men’s fashion in Canada. Through constant innovation and an ever-evolving style, Le Château is designing and producing the clothing and footwear you want to wear now. With a strong sense of Canadian pride, LE CHÂTEAU produces approximately 30% of its high-quality garments annually in its own production facilities in Canada.

In addition to being a one-stop lifestyle shop, LE CHÂTEAU is renowned for its vast selection of special occasion dresses and shoes on the cutting-edge of style. Offering personalized styling and shopping experiences in its over 120 prime locations across Canada, LE CHÂTEAU is also blazing a trail in e-commerce with an eye on the future of retail.